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Super Undead Doctor Roach has been released online!

The superhero short I was in last year, Super Undead Doctor Roach, has been released online for all to see!

Edited, written, produced and directed by Chad Clinton Freeman, Super Undead Doctor Roach is the story of a scientist obsessed with bugs, becoming an accidental super hero. It was originally a seven-minute 48 Hour Film Project produced in April of 2009. The project, edited by Michael Su, was a runner up for the Las Vegas 48 Hour Film Project Audience Award. Doctor Roach was then expanded to its 13-minute length and went on to screen at the Arizona Underground Film Festival in November 2009 and played at the bondage convention Xanadu Las Vegas 2010. Derek Houck (Silent Night, Zombie Night) stars as the short’s title character and has a supporting cast that features Henry Clarke (S4), Scream Queen guest Rachel Grubb (13 Hours in a Warehouse), as well as Juliane
Price, Reagan Pfifer, Jason Kelly, Daniel Nagelhout, Laura Moore, Kristine Wright, Ken Kupstis and Miranda Humphrey.

See Derek Houck in Alan Hollywood – Episode 3: The Party!

Episode 3 of Alan Hollywood, entitled “The Party,” is now online! When Rick’s casting director friends don’t show up to Alan’s party as promised, Rick gets Alan’s nerdy friend Craig to pretend to be a casting director.

Alan Hollywood is a web series about the adventures of a computer programmer named Alan as he settles into his new home in Los Angeles. I play Craig, the socially inept co-worker who must lie about who he is in order to save Alan’s party. I hope you enjoy, and look for more of Craig in Episode 4!