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See Derek Houck on United States of Tara!

Set your DVRs, because I will appearing on the Season 3 premiere of United States of Tara on Showtime tonight at 10:30pm ET/PT!

In the Season 3 premiere, Tara decides to finish the last few credits she needs to earn her college degree, but Max worries the stress will trigger a transition to one of her alters; Kate tries to plan the next phase of her life; Charmaine is pregnant but still avoids committing to Neil; Marshall and Lionel purchase a video camera together for filmmaking class. I play a waiter in Barnabeez, the seafood restaurant Kate Gregson used to work at.

Executive Produced by Steven Spielberg and created by Diablo Cody, the Academy Award winning writer of Juno, the SHOWTIME Original Series United States of Tara returns for a third season. Suburban wife and mother Tara Gregson (Emmy Award winner Toni Collette) juggles her family and career while suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder — a condition formerly known as multiple personality disorder. It’s never a dull moment in the
Gregson household, as Tara’s supportive husband Max and their two teenaged children, Kate and Marshall, try to lead as much of a “normal” life as possible.

The Season 2 premiere of “Napoleon Bon Appétit” is now online!

Napoleon is back with a new season of “Napoleon Bon Appétit!”

In the season premiere, we go behind the scenes of the show as Napoleon tries to make a valentine for his Kitchen Wench, (played by the series co-creator, Katherine Browning) but his
plans go haywire due to a nosy interviewer (Heidi Schooler) and an opportunistic crew member. (Robert Walters)

Season two will continue every other Wednesday as Napoleon and the Kitchen Wench conquer new recipes and meet new guest stars Nicolas James, Rachel Whitman, and former “America’s Next Top
Model” finalist, Kimberly Leemans. This season also includes the return of Christine Moore as the famous French chef, Louisette Caro!

I hope you enjoy watching season two as much as I enjoyed writing and filming it.

Former ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Finalist to Guest Star on Season Two of ‘Napoleon Bon Appétit’

Katherine Browning, Derek Houck, and Kimberly Leemans

Kimberly Leemans, Nicholas James and Heidi Schooler among the new cast in the second season of ‘the cooking show with a complex’

LOS ANGELES – “Napoleon Bon Appétit,” the cooking show with a complex, returns for a second season on March 9th with several new cast members, including former “America’s Next Top Model” finalist, Kimberly Leemans. Derek Houck (“Super Undead Doctor Roach,” “Absent”) returns as Napoleon Bonaparte, as does Katherine Browning (“The Carpenter”) who plays his Kitchen Wench.

“I actually went to boarding school in Waterloo, Belgium, so I already felt like I had a ‘history’ with Napoleon,” said Leemans, who will be portraying Napoleon’s mistress, Eléonore Denuelle.

Other guest stars this season include Nicolas James, Heidi Schooler, Rachel Whitman and Robert Walters. Christine Moore also returns as the famous French chef, Louisette Caro.

“It’s good to see Napoleon finally meet his match,” Moore said. “Louisette Caro knows how to keep him in line.”

“Napoleon Bon Appétit” was written by Houck. Browning serves as the producer, along with David Walters. All episodes were directed by the Accolade award-winning Mike Campbell. The series is from Black Falcon Productions and Mahatma Dragon Productions in association with Three Roses Entertainment.

“Napoleon Bon Appétit” will be conquering a new recipe every two weeks on Somebody’s Basement and

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