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The Good Doctor on Funny or Die

The Good Doctor – watch more funny videos

See Derek Houck in a new sketch called “The Good Doctor” on Funny or Die. After twisting his ankle David seeks medical aid.

Trailer for Lucky 13

The trailer is up for Lucky 13, a web series that tells the story of the trials, tribulations, and life lessons of eight strangers who all make their way to Los Angeles to pursue their dreams of “making” it in Hollywood. Although they are from varied places and backgrounds, these actors find themselves thrown together and are forced to learn that they have more in common than they think. The bonds formed through their hopeful, victorious, and sometimes tragic experiences prove to be life-long. As they embark on the up hill climb of pursuing their passions, they realize that in order to grow as an artist… they must first grow as individuals.

Rue Morgue review of Standards of Living

Rue Morgue has reviewed Standards of Living, calling Derek an “odd man-boy servant.” From the review:

“Playing like a superhero-free Grant Morrison comic, the film manages to take an acid-like trip into psycho sci-fi while still respecting its own cracked-out logic.”

To enhance his ability to make people laugh, a struggling comedian takes part in a teleportation experiment that “improves” whatever cargo is being teleported…but the results are no laughing matter. Standards of Living was shot exclusively on the iPad 2.