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Standards of Living on Ain’t It Cool News

Ain’t It Cool News, the standard in determining what is cool on the internet, has reviewed Standards of Living:

“A film shot entirely with an iPad, which is ambitious and inventive in its own right, the ambitious part of STANDARDS OF LIVING mainly has to do with the story writer/director Aaron Mento is presenting…”

Be sure to read the entire review. You can watch Standards of Living in its entirety above or on YouTube.

Progress Episode Two Online

Episode two of Progress, entitled “iFall Into Captivity,” has been unleashed upon the Internet. The government has had enough of this Internet filth and takes action to filter it.

“Progress” is a ten episode web series. Victorian England has a steam-powered internet and Jack the Ripper is posting his crimes on the web. It’s a Sherlockian cyber-thriller and a game of riddles to decipher the identity of the Whitechapel Murderer.

I portray Adam Rhett, the editor and proprietor of the controversial website “WikiPunch.” He’s a mixture of Julian Assange and the Mad Hatter, a merry prankster who revels in revealing secrets.