See Derek Houck in newspapers EVERYWHERE!

31 May 2008

As part of an effort to see where all that rebate money was going, an Associated Press reporter asked me and several others across the country to track in detail where each dollar of their rebate check was spent. The story has now been published and you can now read the results in papers across the country. Here’s an excerpt:

Derek Houck, an actor in North Hollywood, Calif., planned to allow himself an indulgence or two with whatever was left of his rebate after he’d taken care of necessities. It turned out to be more modest than he’d thought. When his personal finance software program showed him he had a whopping 50 cents left from the $600, he still celebrated by shelling out $49.95 for a new Wii game.

There are even a few articles that features one or two pictures of me playing the aforementioned Wii game. So far the article has appeared on ABC News, AOL,,,
The Huffington Post, Google News (includes 2 photos), International Herald Tribune, The Kansas City Star (includes 2 photos), Knoxville News Sentinel, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Press-Enterprise (includes photo), Press-Telegram, USA Today, The Washington Post, Winston-Salem Journal, and Yahoo! Italia Cinema (I have no idea why this is here).

If you see the article turn up anywhere else give me a holler. I hope you are doing okay during this recession, and having an enjoyable summer. Take care.