See Derek Houck in Episode 15 of Cataclysmo II

23 Aug 2008

The latest episode of “Cataclysmo and the Battle for Earth” is out and features Derek Houck as a hunchbacked Atlantean scientist. In Episode 15 – A Hole in the World, Johnny Zanizabar is fighting with the white warrior to prevent Cataclysmo on Earth, while Samantha rushes to save Bucky Stallion from the clutches of the evil Queen of Atlantis.

In “Cataclysmo and the Battle for Earth,” the epic sequel to “Cataclysmo and the Time Boys,” Johnny, Bucky, and Samantha return to save Earth from the devastating effects of Cataclysmo. In their greatest battle yet, our heroes face off against a worldwide army of gorillas…but the real trouble begins when they realize that they may not be alone…. “Cataclysmo and the Battle for Earth” is a production.