The Season 2 premiere of “Napoleon Bon Appétit” is now online!

09 Mar 2011

Napoleon is back with a new season of “Napoleon Bon Appétit!”

In the season premiere, we go behind the scenes of the show as Napoleon tries to make a valentine for his Kitchen Wench, (played by the series co-creator, Katherine Browning) but his
plans go haywire due to a nosy interviewer (Heidi Schooler) and an opportunistic crew member. (Robert Walters)

Season two will continue every other Wednesday as Napoleon and the Kitchen Wench conquer new recipes and meet new guest stars Nicolas James, Rachel Whitman, and former “America’s Next Top
Model” finalist, Kimberly Leemans. This season also includes the return of Christine Moore as the famous French chef, Louisette Caro!

I hope you enjoy watching season two as much as I enjoyed writing and filming it.