Midnight Snack Interview with Derek Houck

10 May 2012

Derek recently went down to The Kansas City BBQ Company, where he was interviewed for KCET’s Midnight Snack column. The conversation span a number of topics, from how The Kansas City BBQ Company compares with authentic KC BBQ, to the creation of Napoleon Bon Appétit and the benefits of moving to a distribution platform like Blip:

Jason: I tend to not like to watch too many videos on my computer because it’s a small screen. Whereas now with YouTube you can get it through Xbox and boom, I can watch the whole “Napoleon Bon Appetit.” And you’re right, in high definition and on the big screen, it makes it more enjoyable. I hadn’t seen the small version, but the flour on the face in the fourth episode was cool.

Derek: Definitely. That episode benefits greatly from the high definition because a lot of it, a lot of the gag, Napoleon’s covered in flour and shakes it off at different moments and it helps to see the flour fall off of him. Through Blip and through 20/20 we’ve been able to get “Napoleon Bon Appetit” seen by more people than you’d ever been able to do before the internet came along. For as little of a budget as we had, the amount of reach that our series can get now is almost unfathomable.

Be sure to read the full interview here: Midnight Snack: The Kansas City BBQ Company with Derek Houck