Progress on list of 5 Fav Series of 2013

02 Jan 2014

Progress has been listed as one of Snobby Robot’s Five Favorite Series of 2013. From the article:

Along with its great cast, writing and storyline, PROGRESS also makes an incredible visual impact on viewers through its dazzling special effects and production design – both of which were accomplished on a next to nothing budget. It’s an impressive feat that has earned PROGRESS two IAWTV nominations for both outstanding visual effects and set design…. Combined with its outstanding group of actors and its intriguing story, PROGRESS is a web series that truly made quite an impression on me – both in style and substance.

Progress is a ten-episode web series. Victorian England has a steam-powered Internet and Jack the Ripper is posting his crimes on the web. The series has been featured in numerous publications, including’s GeekMom blog and The Steampunk Tribune.