Unemployed, Take 2: Day 4

22 Mar 2024

I woke up with a sore throat and a cough this morning. After taking care of a sick wife, it was probably the least surprising thing that has happened to me this week. It’s still not ideal though, particularly when I’m expected to be the announcer at a professional wrestling taping this Sunday.

Yesterday, I had some lovely conversations with lovely lawyers. It will be interesting to see where those lead.

Yesterday was also the first meeting of my Never Search Alone Job Search Council since all of this went down. It was gratifying to commiserate with other people in the same boat, though I wish nothing more than for us all to get jobs and eliminate the need for us to meet at all. I’m gonna take some time to go through the Never Search Alone process again from the beginning, just to make sure everything still lines up with where I’m at right now.

I spent this morning getting a Missouri state inspection on our car so we can finally get our new title and plates. Then I bought a box for the Volt company laptop and shipped it back to them. That’s the last responsibility I had towards that company. I’d like to think I behaved professionally throughout the process, all things considered.

It feels like the activity on the LinkedIn post has died down enough that I can turn my attention back to reflection and figuring out my next steps. While the idea of taking some time off before I get back into the job search grind sounds very appealing, I have work search requirements tied to my unemployment check. And even if I didn’t, I want another paycheck as soon as possible so we can resume our surrogacy journey.

Oh, that’s right. I have a very difficult email I need to write to Hatch today. I guess I better get on it. Talk to you all soon.