Unemployed, Take 2: Day 5

23 Mar 2024

Well, I am definitely sick. And though it is not a surprise, it’s still not an ideal situation. If ever I needed my full mental and physical faculties, it is now.

Yesterday, I sent an email to Hatch letting them know that I had to pause surrogate matching due to being unemployed. It was one of the hardest emails I have ever had to write, and it was even more difficult to send. A long and expensive year of IVF left us with 4 wonderful embryos that are now just waiting for a chance at life. The biggest motivation I have to find a job soon is them. I am so close to becoming a father, and yet if feels so far away right now.

I found out this morning that I missed the application deadline to volunteer for RailsConf by one day. With everything going on this past week, the conference had completely slipped my mind. I have previously attended RailsConf in 2022 and 2023. It was great to meet other folks working within the same framework that I have made my specialty, and the conference was a wonderful opportunity to network, learn, and see a city I had never been to before. This year’s conference is in Detroit, very close to where I was born in Pontiac, Michigan. I hope I get to attend. Anyone interested in sponsoring me? I am more than willing to let someone cover registration, transportation, and/or lodging to help get me there.

Today will mostly be spent trying to rest and recuperate as best as I can so I can be at my best for the KCXW taping tomorrow. Talk to you all soon.