Unemployed, Take 2: Day 7

25 Mar 2024

Oops. I missed a day. Now, I never promised I would update this blog every day, but I was curious how long I could keep the chain of posts going. Three days. That’s how long.

In my defense, I’m still sick, and still fending off recruiters and resume consultants on LinkedIn.

So, what did I do yesterday instead of pouring my heart out on the internet? I surrounded myself with big, sweaty men and destroyed my already fragile voice.

I spent most of yesterday afternoon as the ring announcer at a taping for KCXW Showcase. I can honestly say this is one of my favorite things about living in Kansas City. In 2018, I swore off auditions and devoted myself to a career in software engineering. I did not want to be tempted back into the pursuit of an acting career, so a clean break was exactly what I needed at the time. But I did miss performing. I have always loved being an entertainer. So, when my brother asked it I wanted to announce matches for his independent wrestling promotion, I lept at the opportunity. Here was a chance to perform in front of a live audience again, with no pressure or expectation that it will lead to a career or stardom. Even better, here was a chance to fulfill a dream of 10-year-old Derek watching WWF Superstars on the USA Network. As the ring announcer for KCXW, I step into the “squared circle” with a microphone in my hand and utter words every wrestling fan knows by heart: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall….”

Apart from the joy of living out a childhood dream every month, it has been a honor to watch the men and women of KCXW work together to put on a weekly show for their fans. Regardless of what else is going on in their lives, they walk out to the ring and give everything they have to produce a few minutes of video content. I am constantly impressed by their atheleticism, their creativity, and their resiliency.

KCXW’s next live event is Unleashed on April 20th at Soccer Nation KC. You can still buy tickets for it at kcxw.ticketspice.com/unleashed. I would love to see a packed crowd of my live event debut as KCXW’s ring announcer. I’m sure I’ll write about it again in the run up to the event. Talk to you all soon.