Unemployed, Take 2: Dust in the Wind

30 Apr 2024

The coding bootcamp that got me into the tech industry was bought out and renamed. In September of 2019, Chegg purchased Thinkful. They eventually decided to rename it to Chegg Skills.

This morning, I learned that the acting school where I got my Associates degree from is closing their Los Angeles campus. Situated on what was once the Charlie Chaplin Studios south lot, I attened the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Hollywood from 2003 through 2005. Attending that school was my way to leave Kansas City and get to LA.

What little educational credentials I have are being slowly erased from existence, and you literally cannot follow the path I’ve taken anymore. I’m now back in Missouri, and the AADA campus will probably be turned into a server farm or “luxury” apartments that no one can afford. I believe Kansas wrote a song about this situation….